Jim's Original World Famous Stand
How to make a Maxwell Street Polish

Maxwell Street was famous for its tasty polish sausage sandwich. The three main polish sausage stands in the Maxwell Street area were Jim’s Original, Matty’s and The Gold Mine. The most famous of all was Jim’s Original , which was open 24/7.

What made the Maxwell Street polish different from other dogs were the fried onions, which were piled on high! At Jim’s Original, every Maxwell Street polish was smothered with tender, fried onions, peppers and mustard and, nowhere, was the price any better.

The name “Maxwell Street Polish” has become world-famous and numerous hot-dog vendors, from California to New York, have adopted it.

The Maxwell Street Porkchop Sandwich has also enjoyed immense popularity.

A trip to Maxwell Street just wouldn’t be complete without a Maxwell Street Polish or Porkchop Sandwich.

Judge Hightower,
a caller and pencil vendor, giving his call.

July 1994

Grilled Onions on the Grill
Porkchop Sandwich